In addition to our store front we sell our pieces online. If for whatever reason our online store is not working for you please feel free to call us and we can make your purchase over the phone. 

For all online orders we mail through Canada Post. 

For those of you shopping for loved ones - please know we gift wrap as well! 

About Our Shop

Find Your Green Opened in 2014 and has provided a home for artisans and collectors to showcase and sell their goods. 

Repurposing and upcycling are not new concepts but ones that have been reborn from the increasing awareness of our environment and the effects of waste. When I was little, berry picking pails  hung from our belts  that Dad had repurposed from empty Beehive corn syrup cans. (I was more of a berry sampler than a picker.) An old tractor tire, repurposed, into a sand box sat in our yard when our kids were little.  We repurposed, we reused, we upcycled without having an environmental purpose in mind. The choices then were likely economically driven. It just was the way things were. 

Decades of living in a disposable society has brought us here today. We are getting smarter though. Awareness is growing and people are changing their habits. Families are recycling and people are less wasteful. People are looking for innovative ways to reuse. Find Your Green will strive to always make the environmentally conscious choice available for the business. 

What We Offer

​We offer a wide variety of items by local Artists & Artisans, Vintage & Collectibles and a complementary assortment of Home Decor & Giftware.

Our artists, artisans and vendors reside throughout Essex County and our store is located in Harrow - directly in the heart of Southwestern Ontario’s Wine Country.