We are always looking for unique goods that are not offered at every consignment store in the county. If you are interested in working with us, please review the consignment agreement, complete the submission form and submit photos of your pieces. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

We accept lines that complement our current vendors and do not duplicate their work. However, different styles are encouraged. For example, there are four vendors who work with wood. All have different styles and pieces they sell in the store.

​Please submit your products even if you see similar on site or our social media. It is possible that line is no longer available and your work could fit right in. 

Submission Form

Whether you are an artisan, a collector or just have a single item to sell, Find Your Green's consignment program might be right for you. We offer the competitive rates and you pay nothing until your goods are sold.

We utilize print and social media in our advertising campaigns and are active sellers online.

Some of the benefits of selling on consignment with us are:

  • immediate public exposure for your products
  • no additional advertising costs
  • eliminates the cost of operating a store - no overhead
  • frees up time from selling for creating
  • no strangers coming to your home for product
  • we are active on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram
  • your "brand" is consistently available
  • we utilize consignment tracking software
  • regular monthly payouts


Is FYG Right For You? 

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