Whether its Rustic, Coastal, Farmhouse or Shabby Chic we have just the decor for you. 

To help you sort out what approach speaks to you here are some key ideas around each of these prominent styles.

Rustic: is all about natural and organic. Items that are handcrafted, repurposed, reused and upcycled dominate this style. Items such as live edge tables, old doors turned into coffee tables and wall art made of pebbles are typical of Rustic living. 

Coastal:  as we are located on the north coast of Lake Erie many of our lake homes and cottages bring the coastal lifestyle right into their home decor. This style is comfortable and inviting and all about the sun and sand. The colours from outside come in and are predominately shades of white, tan and soft blues.

Farmhouse:  this isn't your 1980's country style. Today's Farmhouse style enjoys relaxed spaces that centre around family like a great room and the kitchen. Traditional elements of the farm are upcycled into today's Farmhouse decor like old yokes that become kitchen island light fixtures, old sewing machines tables become desks and your dining room table likely has a story.  

Shabby Chic:  here is where the fun of the hunt comes into play. Mixing finishes, colours and styles from various eras and styles is what this style is all about. All your pieces tell a story and many of them have been refinished numerous times... even likely by you.  Painted, stained and distressed wood objects enhance the decor. "Vintage" and "antique" play a staring role in everything shabby chic. 

Come on in and chose pieces from your favorite design style or mix and match styles traditional styles to bring your own personality into your home.