Town of Essex

​In 2017 - Harrow and Colchester will be celebrating our 225th Anniversary! For more information about Colchester's 225 and Canada's 150 celebrations here in the south-west, visit ESSEX.

Harrow Early Immigrant Research Society

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1814 Deadliest Battles on Essex County Soil

A Knave Among Knights in their Spitfires

Anderdon: Some Folks Down the Road

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Freedom the Last Stop: A Scrap Book of Black History

Harrow & Colchester South 1792 - 1992

Harrow United Church

History of St. Anthony Parish

History of Wine in Essex County

Iler Settlement 1808 - 2008

Letters of James Bell

Now We Are Enemies: The Story of Bunker Hill

Ontario & Detroit Frontier 1701 - 1814

Rising from the Rubble

Sault Ste. Marie

Simon Girty Turncoat Hero

Souvenirs of the Past: Stories of Essex County in the 1800s

The Story of Isaac Brock

The Story of Tecumseh

Tomahawks & Treaties: Micajah Callaway & the Struggle for Ohio River Valley

Tour 1812 War Sites: Essex & Kent Counties

Tour Colchester: The Way We Were

Tour Essex/ Kent Counties Heritage Trail: Early Settlement of African Canadians

Tour Essex: The Lost Communities

Tour the Ghost Coast: County Road 50

Tour Olinda: Essex County's Only Ghost Town

Upper Canada's Early Iron Industry

War of 1812 Battle Poems

War on the Detroit

Local History

The township of Colchester was first established under Lord Simcoe, Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada in 1792. 

During early years it was home to many Militia who defended Upper Canada from the Americans most especially during period leading up to and after the War of 1812-14.

After the war it also became home to many political and economic refugees who were escaping America, Britian and Europe, including African-American Slaves who utilized the underground railroad which has a rich history in our community. 

Our history is deep and rich in tales of heroics and survivorship. To that end we have many books available to share the tales.