Ken Friesen is a local artist and potter whose work is very diverse.  

Since retiring as Elementary Classroom Teacher in 1999, Ken has entertained himself through art.  He sold his first piece at age 11, 57 years ago!  

Ken has always been drawn to nature as a source of art ideas. Currently, his painting inspirations are animal faces and, symbols of various belief systems. 

At Outdoor Adventures Photography our passion is to capture the beauty and serenity of Mother Nature's exquisite art gallery, wondrous wildlife and preserve and share the visual history of Essex County. 

It is very moving and captivating to watch the glory of a sunrise or sunset, flowers dancing in the wind, gentle waves on the lake, butterflies at play, majestic horses and to share the rustic history of our area.

It is our hope that our photography touches your heart and soul, brightens your day and reminds you to take time to enjoy the simple pleasures that surround you. 

Fine Art