Fused Glass
Fused glass is glass that has been melted at high temperature.  As fused glass is traditionally one piece it is a perfect medium for functional dinnerware. 

Stained Glass

Various techniques are implemented using art glass.The resin and some lead pieces can be left outside all year and weather fabulously. 

Simply Stained Glass

Denise's love for glass is evident in all her art. 

Like many artists, she began working with glass as a hobby. Ten years ago, with encouragement from her family and friends, Denise made the transition from working with stained glass as a hobby into a full time career and she's never looked back.

Denise began using traditional lead and foil pieces in her work. As her art has grown and evolved she has begun the journey of fusing glass in a kiln. 

When not creating Denise teaches classes in her studios in Windsor (Simply Stained Glass) and here in Harrow.  

Stained & Fused Glass